Spiritual Gifts

So I have seen this on Tony Morgan’s and Terrace Crawford’s blogs and thought I would give it a go

They are doing there top five but a lot of mine are equal so here are my top scores

Tied for First – Administration, Knowledge, Helps, Shepherd, Intercession and Wisdom

Tied for Second- Faith, Prophecy, Leadership, Discerning of Spirits

Third place- Teaching

There was only a two point difference in 1st and 3rd places

I am not real sure about these things because I am not a good assessor of myself. Sometimes I am too confident but I can be exactly the opposite.  How about You?

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  1. Why limit yourself to what some stupid test says you are gifted at? If God gives you a job to do, He will give you the gift. Moses couldn’t speak well, David was too small to kill a giant, and I am not sure what spiritual gifst Joshua had other than faith when the walls of Jericho fell, but they all accomplished what God told them to do. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

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