Someone to stand

A friend posted this on youtube this morning and I found it moving

What we have here is the vision of someone to get an eclectic group of people from around the world and unify them in one voice and one song. What is sad is that as a Christian I am convicted that we are not that unifying force. No quite the opposite it seems that we cannot stop infighting long enough to focus on our message and purpose.  My friend Gman blogged about the whining of churches.  This is an example of how the infighting isn’t centered inside individual churches but amongst the church worldwide.  What has to be done to become unified? What could we accomplish? I certainly hope that I get to see a great revival in my lifetime. I desperately want to be part of a massive movement of God.  It is so obvious that the fields are ripe for harvest. in this day and age of disenchantment and cynicism people need something to hold onto something concrete that will not fail. The only thing they will find to fill that void is the love of Christ.

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