Outside the Box.

Many years ago when I started college the big thing was to go into the computer industry there were all kinds of jobs out there for you (or so they said) if you only got a Computer programming or Computer engineering degree.  I went for it and hated it and wasn’t very good at it ( which may be why I hated it) but it taught me some things I value.

What I liked was the fact that through programming I could tell the computer an operation to complete define the parameters to which to work in and (if coded properly) the computer would execute the operation. There was great satisfaction in seeing this accomplished even at the very basic level.  But more importantly than anything I learned a very valuable lesson about God.

I have spent much time arguing with non- believers about God and His existence and inevitably I will be confronted with the “logical” and “scientific” argument against God.  The laws of science and physics make it impossible for God to exist, so they say.  But this always makes me snicker a bit but it shows how naive we are as humans and how we are puffed up with ignorant arrogance . You see the idea that somehow God is defined by the laws that govern our universe is the equivalent of saying that a computer programmer is defined by the laws of the program he has created.

Think about video game developers for a moment. The develop worlds and situations that play out a certain way the create boundaries in which characters cannot move past they limit items that can be interacted with.  On the flip side of that they make them with abilities that exist only in the fantasy world and give them more lives than cats.   But no matter how many games they create the parameters of the games do not apply to the creator because the creator exists outside the box.  In Genesis 1:1 we are told that God created everything, heavens and earth.  And in John we are told that all things were made by Him and without  Him nothing was made.  That means that God created everything we know INCLUDING the laws, or parameters, that define us.  Because God is outside the box it is ludicrous to even try to make the parameters apply to Him.  Job 38:4 tells us that God laid the foundations of the earth we might think in a material sense of the word but the actual laws that allow us to exist scientifically had to be created before anything could exist. Things like Space and time have no bearing on God, HE created those things to govern us.  And because He is the Creator he can bend and change the rules as he sees fit, gamers call them “cheats” they are ways around the rules that  developers put in the game. It is their prerogative and it is God’s as well.  Video games can’t understand their developers and we can’t understand our Creator.

Ultimately this argument might not go far with non-believers but for me it helped gain perspective and it makes me grateful for a God outside the box.

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