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  1. I’m now in the older half of the church (there I said it), and I pray that I never get to the place that I feel superior to the younger half. I have some wisdom to offer, but I can also learn much from the younger half. If you whipper-snappers want to make some changes, I say “Tear it up!” Help yourself! When I was in the younger half, we instigated some changes. So did my parents when they were in the younger half. Now, I’m watching to see what my kids come up with!

    The case of Coral Ridge had nothing to do with older and younger. It had to do with six disgruntled members of CRPC. Tullian didn’t come in trying to make immediate changes to CRPC. There was a merger of two churches. CRPC welcomed the members of Tullian’s church and knew there would be immediate changes, and there were. From the CRPC board of elders report the size of the church has doubled and the new members class is the largest it has been in the church’s 50 year history.

    Those are the kind of changes we’re all praying for in our churches. But I wonder if God answered that prayer, would I be the disgruntled member who would start a ruckus because someone else was in my pew, or because the organ was replaced by an electric guitar. Oh Jesus, may it not be so. Well, we’ve moved away from pews and organs, so those won’t be the specific issues for me. What will the issues be? Tattoos? Piercings? Attire? Volume?

    I’m just saying.

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