Uhhhh….Let me …….Pray About It.

Saw this vid on Gman’s blog

There  is a line in the skit that got me because I hear it so often and it drives me up the wall.  It goes a little something like this

Leader: ” Mr Smith we would like you to use the talents that we see in you to serve God”

Mr Smith: ” Hmmmm I don’t know let me pray about it”

Now certainly I want someone to seek God’s face in the course of a decision but too many times I hear this as a way to say “no” without actually saying “no”.   What really gets me though is how we try to put God off.   At what point in time did we decide that God didn’t have  immediate answers for us?   I am not saying we should rush into decisions by no means but if we are obedient followers of Christ we should

  1. Be in tune with the will of God
  2. Be willing to seize opportunities that God puts before us
  3. Understand our own personal limitations

If we  are earnestly seeking God’s will and are honest with ourselves there is really no need to put God off. We know if we have the time to be serving or not we know if God has placed something on our heart or not. We should be willing to be honest with ourself, others and God and stop hiding behind fluff clichès.

If you are serving God and an opportunity arises and you know He is moving you towards that then the issue is not whether or not to take up the opportunity but what other role you need to give up. Many times we cling to familiarity and pet projects that God is no longer using us in and we just don’t wnat to admit it.

What is God calling you to do?

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