What do you deserve?

Our church for the last two weeks has been feeding the local high school band.  The comment has been made to me that there are not enough band kids attending our church to warrant the money we are sinking into the meals.  In other words because they are not our kids they do not deserve our money. I will go into the whole “our kids” later but lets look at the deserve part.

According to Romans 5:8 the very essence of salvation is based on getting something we do not deserve.  We did not have to join an elite club or go through a process of earning our salvation.  No, in spite of the fact that we were miserable worthless vile sinners God still gave us this incredible gift of salvationas an ultimate demonstartion of love.   As a result our desire should be to pour out love on anyone and everyone that we can.   The fact that they do not deserve it makes it all the more important that we do it.

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