A couple of interesting Posts

A church planter I have been following lately has posted a new blog here.  It calls out churches for being blind to what doesn’t work and wasting there time, effort and resources.  How long must we spin our wheels emploring methods of the past.  There are so many ways to reach out and we seem to just keep ignoring them….sad

Mark Riddle put this out on Twitter this morning –

Irony: Barna 12yrs ago “emergency! pastors must be leaders” ; Barna today “Emergency! people r leaving because the church is a business”

Wow isn’t that so true. We have boiled people down to a number. More people equals more money and more money equals more salary more staff and better status which automatically makes us better pastors….right?

Ummmmm……. NO!!    We need to lead but we need to lead people into a loving relationship. Where people feel valued as a child of God not as a statistic or notch on the belt. We need to be leading our people to making a difference in others lives.  So that we can make their lives better. Remember Christ said He had come to give us life and life more abundant and free.

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