Ok I may catch some flack for this but I am going to put it out there anyway.

I am a scrawny guy. I am around 6’2″ and weigh around 175. But here over the last year I have started to develop a little protuding belly.   I figured it came with getting older and that I would level out after a while. Well the other night my youth group noticed and called me out on it.  I will admit it had been eating at me but I thought it was all in my head.  But with the affirmation I am taking it seriously.

My goal isn’t to loose weight just to change shape. To see the roundness of my stomach disappear. One thing I am doing is doing away with diet soda. I learned via the Google machine that aspartame is linked to belly fat now. So I ahve abandoned the Diet Mountain Dew for Propel water. 


I am currently downing the strawberry-kiwi variety.  I also have eliminated snacking on cereal and crackers rather opting for apples and carrots (what we had in the fridge).  I just started this a few days ago and we’ll see how well it works. The lack of caffeine is bothersome but if I can get past the headaches I will be in good shape.

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