Just when you thought it was safe…

I have held a good bit of security in the fact that my wife is a nurse and as such should be fairly secure in her employment status. Afterall we always hear about the healthcare shortage and how nurses are hard to find. I thought she had a secure place working in a trauma recovery unit.  A bad economy doesn’t keep people from doing stupid stuff. Well apparently I was a little off. My wife was called in last night to a meeting at work and her unit is merging with another underperforming unit and she is one of the 50% of the work staff to go. What stinks is that if the management had their way she would have been one of the first ones kept but since everything is based off how long you have been there and not how well you have performed she was the first to get cut. 

What is wrong in society when the hardest working or the best performing gets the short end. Where is the reward. My wife has been at the hospital 8 months and has already leapfrogged people who have been there for years in the eyes of her management. She has been given more responsibility and been given charge duty over people who have 3x the experience. She has received awards and recognition that previously was unheard of  on her floor and yet because she has been there the shortest amount of time she is not valued enough to keep.  It is no wonder many nurses are rude and uncooperative and even lazy. In a system where hard work is ignored why try?


  1. I’m sorry to hear what just happened to your wife (and you). Life isn’t fair always (well, most of the time it isn’t) but God is and we work as if we are doing it for Him (in fact, we are or at least we should). I’ll pray that your wife’s heart is comforted as well as yours and that, in accordance to His Word, this experience will end up with a blessing in your lives because, you love our Lord! Don’t you?

    He is faithful!

    May the Lord keep blessing you,

    In His love,


  2. Wow. What a shock! Of course we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.
    [Romans 8:28] I will keep you and your family in my prayers for guidance and opportunity to present themselves to you. I am sure God has a plan in all of this!

  3. That’s usually when the unexpected happens the most, when we aren’t looking. That’s terrible and I’ll be keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers. Perhaps the good news is that nurses are always needed and maybe God wants her somewhere else to do his work and this is just how he’s getting her there. Still the shock of it all is unnerving, but there is a plan and I hope it becomes revealed to ya’ll in due time!


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