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‘Round these parts we are taking stock of what we need to do to successfully move into the “Next Generation”. Consensus is that there are a lot of problem areas and shortcomings in our church but there is also a lot of promise. To be a small church we have a large number of inactive young families and young adults on the rolls. So we are starting two things going into April.

The first is a new young adult ministry that we are calling “GENERATE”. It is not a couples ministry or a singles ministry but an age appropriate time where we can gather together and help support in each other in this journey we call life. We will not examine dating issues or marriage issues but rather issues that deal with our faith and relationship with God. Most importantly it is going to be very open no pretenses no expectations no judgments and no condemnation. We want to gather our MIA people back into the fold and help them gradually get back into a right relationship with God.

The second is a campaign through our visitation program called “Reclaiming Our Future”. It will focus our visitation to the inactive families in our church who have children under the age of 18. Our goal is to encourage them to come and be a part of the changes that are happening. To awake to the dawn of a new day at Reedy Fork.

I am excited about these steps. I know several of you who read are working in churches as well. What advice would you give? What warnings? What have you tried? Where were your successes…your failures? I would love to here from you!!

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  1. Sounds like you have your finger on the pulse of what’s needed and you’re supplying the answer. Good job. Love the name ‘Reclaiming Our Future,’ clever and catchy.

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