Long Weekend

I wound up having a long weekend this week.

I was slated to preach both services Sunday so Saturday I went over the church around 9pm for prayer and prep. I spent a good long while walking around the sanctuary praying for the service and praying for the people of the church, some by name. Sunday morning rolled around and I was nervous. For one there was bad weather being forecast and I wasn’t sure many people would show up in the cold rain.

Service started and as I had expected several people ducked out attendance was low and we had no new visitors.  I had been unable to get with the Music Minister prior in the week and had not been able to coordinate the music. Truth be told there was no need. He could not have picked better songs…well he could have if he had the freedom to pick anything but being that we are a Baptist Hymnal type of church he did amazing things with what he had to work with.  All the songs pointed to the glory of the Lord, a key point in my message.

I rose to speak and was a little spastic at first and forgot to say a few things I had meant to but I got on track quickly and seamlessly. I got into the meat of my sermon and took off to the races.  Since I knew we had a bunch of home folk I decided subconsciously to move away from any evangelistic material and stay in the “preaching to the choir” matters.  As I wrapped up I felt God moving on me to be transparent talk about my weaknesses and misgivings in my own life and how I related that back to what was being preached.  I gave the invitation it was quiet and somber, one lady came forward to pray and suddenly one of our Sunday School teachers came forward and asked to address the congregation.

I am never one to quench the Spirit. I am wary of pulpit hounds but I sensed that he was going to say something important. As he rose I shook in anticipation. He spoke words of affirmation. He recognized and declared to the congregation that the Spirit was here and was speaking to them.  He stated that he was blessed that I had preached a sermon all of them needed to hear and was glad that I had not been afraid. He also warned the congregation to not think hat the words came from me but only from the Holy Spirit.  His words brought me to tears.

I received so many encouraging words afterwards. I also got many dirty looks. I had many people hug my neck and boost my confidence. It was a great day.  I had one woman say that she was going to join the church very soon and another say she felt like she had been at church.  Those were highlights of my day.

Unfortunately though I did not get to do my follow up sermon that night as we wound up canceling services due to snow.

Today was a snow day for the schools and I stayed home with my children and had some snowy fun and will do the same tomorrow as schools have been cancelled again. I am taking advantage of these days off to spend some time cathcing up on things around the house and playing with my kids.

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