In It to Win It.

I am going to be honest. My work situation isn’t the ideal one. For those that know me I am a cutting edge kinda guy. I am a visionary and always looking forward. So it came as a surprise to some that I would take a ministry position in a old, rural, traditional church. I will admit that I was reluctant at first but I saw God’s hand moving and I simply came along for the ride.

Not everything has been easy over the last nine months. Recently it seems I have been running into more walls than through. After sharing some of my challenges some of my peers from other churches have even told me they would be looking elsewhere if they were in my shoes. But here is the thing, I believe that that would be incredibly short sighted.

Fundamentally I see promise in the established church. I see experience, wisdom, perseverance and great faith. I see love and commitment and those are qualities that are becoming. Of course there are imperfections and short comings, but as a pastor is it not my job to help people realize their shortcomings? And for all the hard head stubborn people with all the wrong priorities are there those who are struggling to find something beyond the status quo. Who will reach them?

I have purposed this in my heart. That I am in it to win it. I will not bail out because of naysayers. I will not cut and run because of selfish people. I will stand my ground and see it through. When God is done I will be done and until that moment I will push forward ever stronger.

I love this quote

Jesus promised his disciples three things – that they would be completely fearless, absurdly happy and in constant trouble.-G. K. Chesterton

Even the disciples were constantly finding themselves in trouble. So why would I expect anything less for my ministry.

Ultimately I just refuse to be defeated. I serve a God who is a victorious God. I serve to make His name renowned. As Paul says, I will press towards the prize.

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