I just had my 6 month eval. I like evals I think they are important. I try to get my teams to eval me and give me input regularly. On the flip side the way we do evals is brutal. 25 people get a 3 question survey and basically put down whatever they want. Some are good, some well really really hurt.

This is hard on me because I obsess I get focused on stuff and want to solve it right away. The goals we wound up laying out for me were things that I had already recognized and was already working on. But some are going to take time and having read some of the below the belt comments it takes it’s toll.

I have spent the better part of the day working on plans of action for two of my goals and actually doing one of them. The one I can actually take out with one big swipe is awesome for me because I can do something right now about it. I scrapped all forms of published communication and made up all new ones. I feel if I continue that it may work better. But other things are a process and I just have to wait. Some of the comments were ridiculous. Such as “Jason is doing anything good”. Just cheap shots trying to get a reaction. But they hurt all the same.

One thing is for sure, I am going to be very focused on some of these things moving forward. I just wish in between I could stop obsessing.

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