Maybe that is what we NEED

A quote from a friend on twitter “Obama and Judeo-Christian values are incompatible. He is pro-choice, anti-family & his policies will crush the poor”.

Maybe that is what we need.  Maybe if times get tough enough the sleeping Christians of this nation will be forced to wake from their decades long sleep and put action to the faith they hold so dear. 

Maybe we will be forced to love the hurting because they will be so abundant. 

Maybe we can become the light that Jesus prodded us to be.

Maybe we can live up to the monicker “Christian.


In a day and age where so many churches are sitting on the laurels maybe the best thing for us is to get a swift kick in the pants and watch what our laziness has brought in harvest. The church has no one to blame but itself for the condition of the world we have lost track of what was necessary and important long ago and instead focused on pretty buildings and well planned programs. I grow sicker of it day in ad day out. I know that before the return of Christ things in this world will get worse and it will be more awful than we can imagine. I just hope that I get to see an awakening of historic proportions across this great land in my lifetime. 

Ultimately we can only hope pray and trust in our Lord.


  1. Too bad many don’t feel this way! They picture as it as the sky is falling and putting trust in Government rather than God.

  2. If you trust in chariots, they will fail – whether they are GM built or horse drawn. If you trust in Man – his collected/collective wisdom – you will be sore disappointed, for the foolish of God will always be wiser than wisdom created by man. Trust God, take responsibility for your own actions (a piece left out of your original post by accident, no?), be transformed and of good cheer.

    The “edifice complex” so prevalent in the American church (but hardly invisible elsewhere) will be burned away… have faith.

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