The End of an Era

This past weekend we held a celebration service to mark the end of my pastor’s ministry. After 40 yrs in the ministry and 10 yrs at this church he had decided to retire. Now I only spent three months working with the man and for the entirety of that time I knew that he was retiring. But I have to admit that he has become a hero of mine. 40 yrs in ministry is a long time and as I   to my tenth year it serves as a great reminder for me that I have a long marathon in front of me and that because of my young age when I began I may very well make it 50yrs in the ministry. That would make me 67 and is very concievable. I hope that I can withstand the test of time. In hope that I can look back with great excitement and satisfaction as I look at what God has done in my Life.

The service was great and the meal afterwards was even better.  While I will miss him in some ways I look forward top meeting the man God has called to move his church forward into the Next Generation.

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