I cannot believe it has been so long since I last blogged.

As I wrap up my second week at my new church I find myself very tired. We had our VBS this week and had SOOOO much fun. over 100 ppl attended our VBS with 77 children and youth enrolled 20 volunteers on staff and 20 adults coming for Bible study. I really has been great but tiring to say the least.

I have been taking pictures and plan to make a video son been so busy though maybe I will do that next week.

Remodeling my office has begun I have removed the too formal chairs that I had and replaced them with some sofas. I tore down the dated wall paper and put on some paint. I have some plans for that down the road. I have a rug picked out and some slip covers for the sofas. I changed the blue puff curtains with some new camel colored ones and replaced the curtain rods with some cafe rods. It already feelas more cozy and more like home


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