Words That I Over Use- Passion

Over the next few days I will be discussing some words that I probably over use.

Today’s word is Passion

Over the course of the past year I have interviewed with many churches. Through those interviews I got a ton of feedback. One comment that I got everywhere I went was”well you are certainly passionate.” I do not know why that comes out. it is certainly not something that I set out to make people aware of but nonetheless it comes out.

The Dictionary defines passion as boundless enthusiasm, strong desire . But to me it seems so much more than that. Passion is the willingness to sacrifice for what you want to abandon whatever stands in your way.

Many times people care more about what you have on paper than what is in your heart. Passion is not something that can be analyzed and measured. Maxwell says that talent is not enough give him someone with passion and he will show you someone who can get things done.

In ministry I demand passion from my leaders if you are doing God’s work without a fire in your belly it isn’t going to make an impact. We have enough apathy in our churches already and I for one am not going to add to it.

Coming next : Relationship

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